Keep your current phone number (porting)

To transfer a phone number to your Fongo account, please log in to your Freephoneline account online, select "Online Store", and then choose "Transfer My Number" from the "Purchase Options". Our automated process enables you to check whether or not your number qualifies to be transferred, provides Fongo with the required authorization to transfer your phone number, and processes number transfer payment. Once you complete the purchase, your order will be sent to the Fongo Porting Department. Phone number transfers typically up to 14 days to complete.

Tips and tricks

·         For a successful number transfer, ensure that information submitted for the number to be ported is correct (this includes service address and account information).

·         Incorrect information will result in a rejected porting attempt.

·         Please do not contact your current carrier to indicate you will be cancelling/porting your number as they may consider this contact your 30 days’ notice. A "disconnect order" on file with your current carrier may prevent us from porting your number.

·         You will be able to use your prior phone number and your Freephoneline phone number until we email you to let you know your phone number transfer is complete. Once your phone number has been transferred, your prior phone number will be your new Fongo phone number and you will no longer have access to the temporary Fongo phone number. 

·         Phone number transfers take 14-21 days to complete. Porting completion is dependent on valid information submitted.

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