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Customer Support:

Customers are advised to search the forum and product FAQs for resolution before submitting a ticket. Unsupported questions, inquiries or problems will be reviewed by Fongo support staff and closed. Fongo offers support by email for the following topics

For billing inquiries, email 
For porting requests, email
For issues related to your Fongo Home Phone device or service, email 
For general inquiries, email
To submit feedback,

Where can I?

To purchase Fongo Home Phone online, visit 
To purchase the Freephoneline VoIP Unlock Key online, visit 
To purchase World Credits, log in to your account 

View and search Fongo FAQs, visit
View and search Freephoneline FAQs, visit 

Important: Please note we do not provide third party ATA device troubleshooting for customers who have purchased the VoIP Unlock Key. Please see the community forum at: viewforum.php?f=15 for community discussion.

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