Emergency Services (911, Police, Fire)

As a Fongo customer in Canada you get access to VoIP 911 phone service. In order to use Fongo's phone services you must confirm that you understand and accept the differences between traditional 911 service and VoIP phone 911 service.

With traditional phone services, your 911 call is sent directly to the nearest emergency response centre. With VoIP phone service, your 911 call is forwarded to a third-party service provider that will automatically or manually route your call to the emergency response centre. Since you can move your VoIP phone between locations and because, for technical reasons, the emergency operator may not have your name, location or contact information available, you must immediately inform the emergency operator of your location and contact particulars any time you call 911.

911 Emergency calling service is unavailable for use with FreePhoneLine services in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

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Please note, calls to 911 are subject to a $35 fee which is payable after the call is made, failure to remit payment may result in termination of service.

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