Pay Per Incident Technical Support

If you are unable to configure your ATA adapter as per our guidelines, and utilizing self-serve resources (FAQs, User Forums, etc.) has been unsuccessful, Pay Per Incident Technical Support is available for a price of $50+TAX.  

You may wish to consider Pay Per Incident Support if any of the below applies to you:

  • Purchased a Voip Unlock key and are not able to configure your own ATA
  • Your phone line functions but has intermittent problems that need to be resolved
  • Your ATA has become compromised due to a misconfiguration on your end and you are not able to resolve the problem
  • Your phone line has stopped working and you are not able to diagnose or fix the problem
  • You have recommended FreePhoneLine to a friend or family member, but do not wish to provide them with technical support

If you purchase Pay Per Incident Technical Support, we will follow through with Telephone and/or Remote Desktop Support until your issue is 100% resolved.  

Payment is required before we begin work on your issue.  Refunds for this service are only applicable if the issue was determined to be the fault of FreePhoneLine.

Please note, Pay Per Incident support does not constitute continual support, it covers a single incident.

To open a Pay Per Incident Ticket, please click and select Issue Type "FreePhoneLine -> Pay Per Incident Support" and an agent will contact you to setup an appointment.


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