Fast beeping or no dial tone in newly installed ATA

When I pick up my phone receiver, I hear a fast beeping or no dial tone at all. On my Fongo Home Adapter (ATA),  the Phone light is not lit.

The network ports for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication are blocked.

1) If your ATA is plugged into a network router, try connecting it directly to the internet modem to see if this fixes the issue. If your ATA operates properly when connected to the modem and not the router, you will need to refer to your router manufacturer instructions to open up ports 5060 UDP, 5061 UDP, 13000 UDP and 13001 UDP.

2) If, when plugged into the internet modem, your ATA still does not work, please contact your internet service provider to have them open up forwarding ports 5060 UDP, 5061 UDP, 13000 UDP and 13001 UDP, and ensure the firewall is not blocking any of these ports.

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